The Stories of Changemakers

Courage. Resilience. Triumph.

Every individual has a unique reason for wanting to break the stigma of mental illnesses. Our community is full of people passionate about sharing their stories to help others. So when we asked you to “share your why,” we received many heartfelt responses — some sobering, some uplifting. The work of the Foundation of Hope is only possible because of Changemakers like you, partnering together to make a difference. We are grateful for every story, and for every step.

Stories that Spark Hope

Read the stories – of heartache, of healing, and of hope – that inspire us to keep walking.

More stories of inspiration…

To mark our 30th anniversary of walking to fund research for mental illness, we created these original 30 Stories for 30 Years. 

Be a Changemaker – Share your Why

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Together we can advance mental illness research for our community and break the stigma of these devastating illnesses.

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