Fundraise “Eure” Own Way

There are lots of creative ways to advance our mission on your terms – you can fundraise anywhere, anytime, your way. By raising money for the Foundation of Hope, you give that those who struggle – and their families – hope for the future through research.

Need some ideas? 

Sell Raffle Tickets

Selling raffle tickets for the Walk for Hope is an easy way to raise money for your team! They’re free for you, and a small ticket can win big!

Athletic Events

Compete in an athletic event and raise money for the FOH – make all those training hours count for something more!

Craft, Bake, Sell!

Whether it’s a hobby, a skill, or a passion, use your unique gifts to help give hope to those suffering from mental illnesses.

Host a Party

Host a BBQ cookout for a small fee, a Netflix movie screening, or a bingo night – and donate the proceeds to mental illness research!

Create Your Own

Create your own fundraiser – have a yard sale, get a long-overdue haircut, leverage a side hustle… the possibilities are endless!

How do you want to inspire HOPE?

There are lots of additional ways to help us fund innovative mental illness research! There is no limit – by taking action, your creativity will make a difference for thousands of people struggling with mental illness. Try one of these, or see hope in action below!

Workplace giving through employee matching programs, or morale-boosting opportunities to give back to the community, offers great incentives to make a difference.

School challenges that support local non-profits mean that students and younger supporters can get involved – or maybe a weekend car wash!

With all the extra time at home these days, why not turn your unwanted home goods into cash? Have a yard sale to support the FOH, or let your kids sell cookies or lemonade now that the days are getting hotter!

Questions? Ideas? Email us at walkforhope@walkforhope.com or call us at 919-781-9255.

Hope in action


Taylor's BBQ Fundraiser

Taylor's Wine Shop held a BBQ fundraiser for the Walk for Hope - a delicious incentive to support mental illness research, which raised $5,000!


Overdue Haircut Fundraiser

A former Board member did an online fundraiser for a long-awaited / long-overdue haircut during COVID. He raised over $7,000!

Online Fundraising

Rallying your online community connects people digitally to our mission to support mental illness research.

Facebook Fundraising

Celebrate your birthday by hosting an online Facebook fundraiser for mental illness research.

Instagram Donations

Encourage Instagram followers to support mental illness research and raise awareness - and funds.

GoFundMe Campaign

Check out GoFundMe campaigns that need support for mental illness research and set up your own.

Create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook in minutes to support mental illness.

Setup a Facebook Fundraiser

Follow these 3 simple steps!

Donate on Posts

You can add a donate button to any post!

FAQs - Facebook Fundraising

Answers to your questions!

Instagram offers options for donations like stickers for Stories and Live fundraisers.

Instagram Stories Donate Sticker

Personalize your Story with a unique sticker!

Instagram Live Fundraising

Host a live fundraiser!

FAQs - Instagram Donations

Answers to your questions!

The Foundation of Hope is a registered charity on GoFundMe Charity, so you fundraise directly for us through their campaigns.

Setting up a GoFundMe Campaign

Create your own charity fundraiser!

FAQs - GoFundMe Campaigns

Answers to your questions!