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Our monthly giving program is more important than ever – and the easiest way to maximize your impact effortlessly.

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Meet the Monthly HopeGivers

Thank you, monthly HopeGivers! You have made an ongoing commitment to help end worldwide suffering from mental illnesses. Our HopeGivers are dedicated, passionate, and make our efforts sustainable for the future.

Nancy Appleby
Paige Bivens
Violette Blumenthal
Jim Boggs
Rick Burleyson
Tayler Canjar
Star Chase
Margaret Edwards-Seal
Louise Fisher
Anne Gallagher
Gene Gallagher
Ian Grady
Kim Wester Lee
Joseph Orth
Michelle Potchak
Elizabeth Ritter
Dan Thompson Agency
Jean Neal Tippett

Other Ways to Support Us

We invite you to get involved – because we’re all in this together. It may not be you, but it’s someone you know – someone you love. Whether you walk, volunteer, donate, or sponsor, you are making a difference.