I’ve been with the Angus Barn since 1984. The first Walk started that year, and we walked from the Angus Barn all the way to the 42nd Street Oyster Bar. That was a very long walk!

I had a daughter that had some mental illness. It didn’t show that she had it until later on in life—about 2012. We had had a birthday party for me, and we celebrated Christmas and my birthday, on December 17th. The very next day, about 11 that night, on a Sunday, she committed suicide.

It tore me up.

I really thought—she did have some mental illness problems. But it never showed in life until then. I wish that I could have seen it. Then I could have done something.

That’s the reason that I really believe in the Walk for Hope. It does a lot to help people. It helps me to be much stronger. To get out there and share that what we do, and what we can give, really means a lot for mental illness.

I think this will do a lot for people with mental illness, to get out there and share this with the world.

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