I am a combat veteran who suffers from the effects of PTSD on a daily basis. Shortly after I came across the Foundation, I was drawn to their purpose and was hooked on their people. When I found out that the research and treatment of mental illness also included PTSD, I felt like I could be a part of something that could make a difference.

I have lost several of my combat brothers to depression and, in a way, I feel as though the Foundation is helping with the treatment of this deep, dark and lonely disorder. I believe everyone knows someone with some sort of mental illness, even if that person is themselves. It’s important to me to help people in need. So volunteering with the Walk for Hope makes me happy and makes me feel like I’m contributing to society.

There are too many consumers in this world, and I want to GIVE more than I take. Also, working with these ladies makes it easy for you to want to give it all you got. They are extremely dedicated to making the Walk bigger and better than the year before. And all of the other volunteers make it fun as well. It is a happy, uplifting environment that just makes you smile. We all can afford to smile more!

Whenever the Foundation calls me for help, I come running. And I plan to run with them for many more years to come.

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Walk for treatment. Walk for life. Walk for Hope.

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