Jeremy was our son and younger brother. He was incredibly handsome, funny, smart and compassionate. He also suffered from severe bipolar disorder and addiction. Starting at a very young age, he experienced debilitating anxiety and insomnia, and turned to self-medicating with over-the-counter and prescription medications in his teenage years. Jeremy died at the age of 34 of an unintentional overdose in his bedroom.

Opioid overdoses are a national epidemic and those suffering from a mental illness are the most vulnerable. It’s time our we hold our pharmaceutical industry, physicians, government and ourselves accountable.

The first Walk without our beloved Jeremy was a mere two months after his death. With our hearts and lives shattered and our eyes filled with tears, we took one step in front of the other toward the hope that

we would one day smile again. Our souls will be forever grateful for the Walk for Hope. The support we experienced, and continue to experience year after year, from thousands of other strangers walking with and beside us is indescribable.

A special thanks to the Walk for Hope for their tireless efforts to love and support those of us living in the mental health trenches. And a special thanks to Jeremy for the amazing lessons his life and transition from this world taught our family: Love fiercely. Dream BIG. Never take one minute for granted. And, GO FOR IT!

Your life mattered, Jeremy, and we’ll carry you in our hearts forever.

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