This is my why for all that I do – my hope is to encourage others, so I appreciate the very existence of Foundation of Hope.

I have a diagnosed mental illness, and others in my family. Sadly, I have a couple of male cousins who died by suicide. As an author of my poetic memoir Pure, I shared poetry of my experience grappling with the fact that I have a mental illness, and I was so vulnerable and open with my story in hopes that it could inspire and help someone else.

The Foundation of Hope is an exceptional organization. I love the mission and values. They align with my own, and if it weren’t for my job with American Asset Corporation or the Walk for Hope annual event, I would not have had the opportunity to get to know Shelley or the organization.

Furthermore, I found services for my son with UNC Pediatrics Psychiatry and Behavioral Services while attending the annual Walk for Hope event one year.

Being a woman of color where the suicide rates are astounding for both women and men and members of a family where mental illness runs, I’m thankful for organizations like the Foundation of Hope that invest in research, resources, and support.

I also work for a cause-centric winery called One Hope Wine. One Hope gives to nonprofit organizations worldwide and is the only impact-driven wine club. I held an exceptional event in collaboration with my book Pure to share the Foundation of Hope’s mission and my story. 10% of wine purchases for that event went to the Foundation of Hope.

I am so thankful to be connected to this organization and so happy it exists to encourage the masses!

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