I’ve been involved with Walk for Hope since the very beginning. I used to push my daughter in a stroller during the walk and now that she is almost 20 years old, she walks along with me.

I work in mental health at MindPath Care Centers and see the great need that exists to lower the stigma around mental healthcare and to help it be accessible to anyone who needs help navigating life’s challenges. It is my hope that no one ever feels as though they are isolated or alone and cannot reach out for help.

The Angus Barn is a special place for me and my family for three generations now. The science of mental health needs your support. There is much still to learn about the brain and how we are wired and process stimuli. The research can’t be done without people like you who care enough to be a part of it, to raise money for research, and to help build awareness. It makes a difference in the quality of life for many, and even saves lives. Being a part of the Walk for Hope event is also a chance to be a part of a love-filled community movement and a look towards a more positive future.

Will You Join Us?

Walk for treatment. Walk for life. Walk for Hope.

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