Next Generation Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation: A Novel Solution Enabled by Mobile Technology and Big Data

Award: $200,000

Need/Problem: Psychiatry urgently needs new treatment paradigms that are effective, safe, and affordable. Non-invasive brain stimulation such as transcranial current stimulation has the potential to take such a role of a disruptive technology that will fundamental improve the landscape of treatment options for psychiatric disorders.

Grant Summary: Today, the field of transcranial current stimulation (TCS) is dominated by small, underpowered studies performed by individual, relatively isolated research groups. We argue that the solution to this problem is new device technology that allows the centralized execution and large-scale analysis of multiple TCS clinical studies.

Goals and Projected Outcomes: To implement and evaluate a networked and portable TCS device and server-side cloud-based infrastructure for remote control and collection of data on TCS and its clinical efficacy by means of centrally-managed clinical trials.

Flavio Frohlich,  PhD

Grant Details: At completion of the proposed project, we will have developed a highly innovative technological solution that will transform how clinical trials with TCS will be performed. We plan to publish a report based on our user experience in Year 3 to disseminate our findings on the feasibility of our approach for the real-world use in clinical trials.